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Rise Up!

It is time to rise to your calling. I promise the view at the top will be worth the climb!

Do you have a creative calling in your life? Do you have an artist inside of you that is aching to come out and play? Or maybe you are the artist and it’s time to expand to new heights for your creative business.

Often, creative entrepreneurs can become overwhelmed with too much to do, because all you really want to do is to CREATE! We hear this lament all of the time at The Carol Frazier Studio.

“I just want you to do it for me so I can have time to create”.

“I have so many ideas, I don’t know where to start! Help!”

If we look up at the mountain of tasks that need to be completed, we can become paralyzed. However, focusing on the next step ahead, one step at a time, will get you to your magnificent destination much easier.

I’m sure you’ve gone hiking before. I am blessed to be able to live in Colorado and California, both mountain states. Hiking and exploring these great heights help open your mind and soul to the immense possibilities that we have available to us as co-creators with God. In fact, when we are on the mountain top, it’s easy to feel the magnificence of God’s creation.

To arrive at this mountain top, you can take a short cut and hire a helicopter. In the marketing world, that’s considered an ad manager, or a marketing team. But most small creative entrepreneurs are not blessed with this financial ability, especially in the beginning stages of their career.

It would be like taking a limo to your first ever gig or concert with a full sound team, backstage support, and band.

It’s a great dream, and it will happen if you start the climb up that hill.

There is good news. You can have someone walk up that mountain with you. Possibly a guide, or a community for support. Although your creative journey is unique to your gifts and talents, your journey does not have to be solo.

If you’re ready to have support getting up that mountain, grab your water bottle and Let’s Talk!

Because it’s time for you to Rise Up and Shine!

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